Buitilerubber chunk conveying from rubber cutter to reaction tank pneumatically at M/s LG polymers ( Vizag)

Installing raw pigment and guard filer specially designed for titanium dioxide plant with MOC Aluminium and conforming to American Standards at M/s Kerala Minerals and Metals Limited (Kollam Kerala ) Import Substitute.

Designing, fabricating and installing hot air gas cooler and bag house for ore klinvent @40000M3/Hr at M/s Ashapura(Bhuj).

Supplying skid mounted 150kw HAG for drying of pit moulds of paper mill rolls to reduce drying time to 1/4that M/s L&T (Kanshbal).

Presently we are executing material handling system with crusher, mill and classifier for various grade of sand. The entire system will be controlled through MIMIC panel automisedto high level of safety

Installing at turnkey basis Dry Mix Plants at M/s Ever shine Build India PvtLtd Hyderabad & RSA Limited Bhutan.

The most modern guar gum food processing plant at Jhagadia(Gujarat). The entire plant is automated and controlled from a control room .The plant consist of 26 pneumatic conveyor ,10 Drying systems, 8 packing stations. The entire plant is under controlled atmospheric condition, the solution of which have been provided by us. The entire plant is operated from control room with SCADA based PLC system.

Designing, fabricating & installing flash drier system at M/s Bansali Polymers Ltd. Bansali polymers at Chinwara MP, had a system consisting of belt filter and fluidized bed drier with a capacity of 800 Kg/Hr. The belt filter and upstream equipment had higher installed capacity however to increase production the bottle neck was the fluidised bed drier .We were called to provide a solution to increase the installed capacity. As a solution we installed a flash drier between the belt filter and fluidised bed dried having a capacity of 1.2T of water evaporation /Hr. This modification resulted in the capacity increase by 1.8 times.

Executing fly ash handling and dosing system for Magdala cement plant consisting of installing 100Ton dry ash silo at Ukaipower plant with bulker loading facility, Unloading bulker pneumatically and storing ash in 400Ton silo in Magdala cement plant. Dosing fly ash at the rate of 15TPH by a gram metric screw conveyor to cement mill.

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